Marketing super powers for event professionals

We'll transform you into a superhero at email marketing for events. In this course, you'll learn the techniques that will take you from novice to expert. Power up, and take your event to the next level. This course is in five parts. Part 1 is about structuring your email campaign and includes:

  • How to prepare your data

  • How to build content for your event email campaign

  • Things to include in your plan

  • Advanced planning

Power Tools

In addition to the insight and knowledge, we'll provide you with exclusive TEMBO TECHNIQUES tools to help you implement impactful campaigns and help your career soar. You'll also receive:

  • Templates and checklists

  • Free consultation on your email plan

  • A certificate from TEMBO TECHNIQUES ACADEMY


Kate Disley

Senior Instructor

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, Kate is passionate about passing on her skills to the next generation of event professionals. Having worked on hundreds of events in a broad range of sectors delivering B2B exhibitions, B2C exhibitions and conferences, Kate has a wealth of experience to draw on. Now the founder and managing director of an industry-leading event agency, Kate is committed to developing skills and best practice in the industry she loves.

Course modules

  • 1


  • 2

    PHASE 1

    • Phase 1 Presentation

    • Re-engagement campaigns

    • Basic data growth plan

    • Example Gantt chart

    • Test your learning 1

  • 3

    PHASE 2

    • Phase 2 Presentation

    • Test your learning 2

  • 4

    PHASE 3

    • Phase 3 Presentation

    • Example email marketing plan

    • Test your learning 3

  • 5

    PHASE 4

    • Phase 4 Presentation

    • Email plan checklist

    • Test your learning 4

    • Assignment: Build a Marketing Plan

  • 6


    • Next Steps Presentation

    • Recommended reading

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...




“This enjoyable course breaks down a wealth of information and tips into bite-sized sections that are easy to understand and follow, with lots of examples. Each section builds upon what you learnt in the previous one, so by the end you really feel like an expert. The downloadable resources are invaluable, especially the email plan template and checklist. Would highly recommend to anyone using email marketing for events!”


“Having learnt about email marketing on the job, this course provided me with a lot of useful knowledge to be able to efficiently plan stress-free event email campaigns. I found each lesson very straightforward with easy to grasp concepts. The lessons contained many real-life thought-provoking questions and helpful tips for event marketers. The structure of the course into 4 separate phases, makes it really easy to navigate and to return to each topic. Each topic is supplemented by a number of downloadable resources in excel or pdf format, such as an email marketing plan and checklist, which are definitely going to be very handy in the planning stage of my freelance projects. Thank you, Kate, for sharing your extensive knowledge on email marketing for events and giving me the extra confidence, I needed to plan effective email marketing campaigns. ”


“Great course!”